That Dreaded Knock on the Door - Responding to a White-Collar Crime Investigation

August 01, 2014

by Christian E. Picone

"Embezzlement, money laundering, tax evasion and commercial bribery are common white-collar crimes that authorities regularly investigate.  Oftentimes these alleged crimes happen without executives even knowing someone in their organization is committing them.  However, ignorance does not count.  If and when authorities come knocking on your company’s door, how would you respond?  Facing a subpoena, search warrant or questioning is a serious matter, and company executives need to think clearly about the situation and not just react.  “Law enforcement officers want to catch you off guard; they don't want you to be prepared,” says Christian E. Picone, partner, Business Litigation, Berliner Cohen. “They are watching for that incriminating quick response or that almost natural desire to help law enforcement without thinking about the long term impact of that initial interaction.”  Read more…