• Top-Ten Graduate of Santa Clara University School of Law, Additional Master’s Degree
  • Admitted to Practice in 1997
  • Business Background with both Transactional and Litigation Legal Experience
  • High-Profile Casework, Including Recent Coverage from the Wall Street Journal in a Case
  • Successful Merger and Acquisition Experience

General Experience and Corporate Advising Work

Prior to entering law school, Mr. Domingue worked in management with several businesses, including his own, and possesses experience in resolving real-world business problems and issues.  In addition to his business background, Mr. Domingue has a broad range of legal experience.

He began his legal practice in employment law, and has a working understanding of employer-employee issues.  From there, Mr. Domingue moved to our real estate business department and has experience reviewing and drafting both real estate and business agreements.

His primary experience, and where he has practiced for nearly 20 years, is in general litigation, with a focus on high-level business and real estate cases.  He has notable deposition, law and motion, and trial experience, as well as experience in negotiating settlements without litigation.

The combination of Mr. Domingue’s transactional and litigation background within a broad range of contexts has positioned him well for corporate advising work.  He has served as primary counsel for a number of privately-held companies that lack a legal department, handling a number of legal-related matters involving securities, compliance, governance, employer-employee issues, contracts, transactions both domestic and abroad, and mergers.

Litigation Experience

Mr. Domingue has handled a broad range of litigation cases.  If there is a wrong to be righted or a cause to be defended, he is anxious to take it on aggressively.  While Mr. Domingue has experience in all areas in which the firm practices litigation, his primary focus has been on disputes involving contracts, business issues, construction, and real estate.  Over the past 15 plus years, he has taken countless depositions and has served as lead counsel in several trials.  In addition to receiving numerous referrals from clients, Mr. Domingue has accepted several cases referred by other lawyers he formerly opposed attesting to his positive reputation in the legal community.

In addition to his work in the courtroom, Mr. Domingue is a Professor of Law at Lincoln Law School.  In this capacity, Mr. Domingue has taught Civil Procedure and currently teaches legal writing and bar preparation.  He is well-versed in both State and Federal procedural laws, compliance with which is critical to the successful outcome of any lawsuit.

Alternative Dispute Resolution Experience

In the past ten years, Mr. Domingue has served as an alternative dispute provider (arbitration/mediation) for the Santa Clara County Bar Association and the Santa Clara County Superior Court. Mr. Domingue has experience adjudicating cases as a binding arbitrator or assisting parties in reaching an informal settlement of their dispute.  As an arbitrator, Mr. Domingue is able to use his litigation and business experience to quickly understand the essence of the dispute, fairly hear the evidence and render a reasoned decision. In several instances, litigants have accepted his findings as a final resolution of their case even though the process was non-binding.  As a mediator, Mr. Domingue favors an evaluative approach (where the parties receive an assessment about the strengths and weaknesses of their case) but uses his case analysis in a facilitative way to help the parties arrive at an acceptable resolution.