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Complying With Consumer Privacy During COVID-19: Intro to the California Consumer Privacy Act (Webinar, August 4, 2020)

(Originally hosted as a Zoom webinar on August 4, 2020)
Presenters: Jay Landrum, Partner, and Emily Tewes, Attorney

This webinar is designed as an introduction to the CCPA for businesses who may be required to comply or may need to update their privacy policies. Our experienced attorneys Jay Landrum and Emily Tewes explain the consumer privacy law in general and provide anecdotes from clients, as well as their own experience implementing privacy policies.

This webinar covers:

  • The CCPA, including new consumer rights, exclusions, and penalties 
  • Steps and measures for compliance
  • Best practices for data collection in your COVID-19 response

For further information regarding Corporate compliance, contact Jay Landrum. For more information regarding Employer compliance, contact Emily Tewes. Both may be reached by phone at 408.286.5800. 

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