Hiring Caregivers: Legal and Financial Considerations (Updated 2015)


“There’s no place like home.” That time-honored adage summarizes the motivations of people who want their children cared for at home as well as people who want to face advancing age, illness or infirmity in familiar surroundings. In either circumstance, in-home help may be necessary.

These materials provide guidelines for those who are hiring or considering in-home care. Each situation is unique. Accordingly, it is very important for you to check with a knowledgeable professional to clarify what is necessary for you in your particular circumstance. The information contained in this guide is not a substitute for legal advice.

Even if you do not need the resources in this guide immediately, please keep it in an accessible location in your home or work-area. You are welcome to share the information with friends and family who might benefit from the resources.

Click here to download the full "2015 Hiring Caregivers Handbook."

If you would like assistance with drafting the appropriate forms for hiring caregivers, please contact Christine H. Long at christine.long@berliner.com.