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Having started in the heart of Silicon Valley, Berliner Cohen understands the economic, market, cultural, and regulatory climate in which technology companies operate. Our attorneys use this experience and knowledge to provide clients with current, strategic, and practical legal advice on the complex issues they face. Our attorneys work hand-in-hand with our clients through each stage of their business life cycles, often as early as the business planning stage.


Many of our technology clients require external funding to fully realize the vision of the founders, and we regularly assist our clients to raise that capital, be it from venture capitalists, individual angel investors, or through debt financing. However, before we send introductions, we work with our clients to refine their business strategy and prepare quality investor materials suitable for meaningful evaluation. Our objective is to connect promising clients to appropriate sources of capital. Our corporate attorneys work with clients to help them structure and negotiate intellectual property licenses, and other commercial partnerships to help maximize the value of their intellectual property assets. We routinely draft terms of service and privacy policies to protect our clients’ interests. Finally, we assist countless clients in achieving shareholder liquidity through both public offerings and the sale of their companies.

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