Business & Real Estate Litigation

Berliner Cohen provides its clients with strategic and sound business advice in a diverse area of industries. Berliner Cohen helps guide clients through practical solutions, not just for the dispute at hand but for all of the issues facing their clients business operations by providing advice based on years of practice and experience. We believe that effective legal counsel must possess both reason and logic.

Business & Real Estate Litigation

Berliner Cohen will evaluate the whole case, not just specific issues, and address the impacts of negative and successful verdicts. We apply a realistic approach to the representation to help businesses make informed decisions about how to proceed with business litigation law cases.

While the ultimate goal is a quick and efficient resolution, Berliner Cohen has seasoned trial counsel that takes cases to verdict in State and Federal Courts as well as before administrative agencies and in arbitration on a regular and consistent basis. Berliner Cohen has access to the latest research and discovery tools to help streamline the litigation process, keep clients informed along the way and avoid the high costs of using third party administrators to manage the litigation or who charge the clients large fees. We have relationships with several industry experts that further assist in making litigation efficient and successful. We want our clients to be focused on the success of their case.



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