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Estate Planning, Trust, & Probate Administration

The estate planning, probate and trust administration practice at Berliner Cohen LLP offers the broad expertise of the Firm’s attorneys in all areas of the law to provide the best representation possible for fiduciaries and beneficiaries in administering and effectuating estate plans. Our attorneys listen closely to our clients and always strive to be sensitive to their needs and concerns.

In addition, we represent clients in trust and estate litigation matters. For more information, see Trust & Estate Litigation.

Estate Planning, Trust, & Probate Administration

Our attorneys represent trustees and executors in the administration of trusts and estates, including:

  • Full probate of decedent’s estate, and summary probate where available
  • Disputes regarding the probate of wills, interpretation of wills and trusts
  • Obtaining access to trust and probate estate assets
  • Proper administration of trusts, including sub-trust funding, estate tax returns, court and informal accountings
  • Implementation of qualified domestic trusts (QDOT) for non-U. S. citizen surviving spouses
  • Administration of other types of irrevocable trusts, such as life insurance trusts and charitable trusts
  • Post death tax planning, including technical matters regarding the assessment and allocation of taxes
  • Allocation and distribution of assets with regard to tax implications, including tax disputes
  • Fiduciary accountings
  • Assisting and advising regarding environmental cleanup of properties in trusts or probate estates
  • Leasing or sale of real property in trust
  • Disputes regarding trust assets, terms or liabilities

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Download our Estate Planning 101: The Importance of Developing an Estate Plan.

"Estate Planning 101" summarizes several estate planning concepts and provides background information to help prepare you inyour discussion with your attorney regarding trust or estate administration.

Download our Estate Planning Fact Finder.

Download our Post-Mortem Information Sheet.

The "Estate Planning Fact Finder" and "Post-Mortem Information Sheet" above are made available solely to facilitate the gathering of information. No attorney-client relationship is established by your merely downloading either of the generic blank forms from Berliner Cohen LLP’s website. Berliner Cohen LLP requires a written and signed engagement letter from our clients. Please schedule an appointment if you are interested in asking Berliner Cohen LLP to consider providing you with such an engagement agreement.



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