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Labor & Employment Law

Employment law is one of the fastest changing areas of law in California. Many employers ramp up each year to tackle the new laws and procedures, only to learn that the legislature has amended them or changed them midstream. In addition, employers are not just regulated by State or Federal law, but also by local county and city ordinances, that often are more stringent than State and Federal law. While many believe the local agencies are simply setting minimum wages, they actually regulate every aspect of employment from the interview process to operations.

Labor & Employment Law

Today, employers are tasked with having proper on boarding procedures, creating job descriptions, ensuring raises and pay standards meet certain criteria, while also being precluded from unduly restricting an employee’s right to communicate.

Because the laws that apply to the labor and employment relationship are found at all levels of government—federal, state, county and even city—making sense of these oftentimes conflicting requirements is more of a challenge than ever for today's employers.

Further, many employers institute policies that make their employees happy, only to discover that the policy runs afoul of the law. Berliner Cohen’s employment attorneys specialize in both advice and counsel and trial representation. Berliner Cohen often serves as an extended in-house legal department, helping its clients review policies and procedures at every step to ensure successful compliance. The attorneys in the group have compiled an impressive record of obtaining favorable court rulings on motions to dismiss and for summary judgment, jury trial verdicts, and appeals.  Berliner Cohen’s employment group has successfully represented employers in many types of cases, including discrimination, wrongful termination, individual and class action wage and hour claims, recovery of misappropriated information and funds, and civil rights litigation. In addition, Berliner Cohen has a robust class action defense practice which provides affordable solutions in resolving complex and time consuming cases.

Berliner Cohen’s attorneys are seasoned in their field. As such they can help guide employers over the years to help them grow their business and ensure its ongoing success.



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