Intellectual Property Litigation

Sometimes our clients are wrongfully accused of infringing on another person's or entity's intellectual property rights. Our "triple threat" qualifications work as well in a defense posture as they do when prosecuting claims.

The result is that our clients should feel confident in our ability to handle any litigation relating to trade secrets, patents, copyrights, and trademarks.

Intellectual Property Litigation

When our clients' intellectual property rights have been violated, our intellectual property litigators are here to help. With Berliner Cohen's business litigation practice having served our clients well for more than 45 years, our IP litigators pose a "triple threat" that makes us uniquely qualified to address the IP litigation needs of our clients: #1 - We have substantial trial experience that pressures our opponents with the knowledge that we are eager to do battle in the courtroom if necessary. #2 - We have a thorough understanding of the nuances and sometimes-esoteric requirements of IP litigation not present in garden variety commercial disputes, which can be used both as a sword and a shield to our clients' advantage. #3 - Our technical backgrounds help us better understand the technology to which our clients' intellectual property relates.

Trade Secrets
Trade secrets consist of information that derives economic value from not being generally known to the public or to other persons who can obtain economic value from its disclosure or use. But in order to be entitled to protection, the owner of the trade secrets must make reasonable efforts under the circumstances to maintain their secrecy.

We work with clients to help them identify their trade secrets. Based on our trade secrets litigation experience, we are well-positioned to help our clients understand which secrecy efforts are likely to be deemed by a court to be "reasonable under the circumstances."

During trade secrets litigation, our extensive experience helps us to aggressively and successfully represent our clients, whether on the plaintiff's side or on defense.

More than half of all patents are invalidated when challenged. For this reason, we do not believe that our clients should quickly acquiesce when presented with a patent infringement claim. We have expertise in defeating patent litigation claims before they are ever filed in court. And if a patent infringement claim is filed, our clients find our rates far more affordable than those of many other firms specializing in patent litigation. We can prosecute patent infringement claims when another entity infringes our clients' patents.

We advise and assist clients in enforcing their copyrights, and in defending against claims of copyright infringement. We have substantial copyright experience in the software, database, and Internet contexts.

Our attorneys counsel clients regarding represent clients in inter partesproceedings before the Trademark Trial Appeals Board; advise clients regarding the use, protection and maintenance of marks; and handle domain name disputes.

Representative Matters and Cases

  • Regional Enterprises v. Allivato, Sixth District Court of Appeal Docket No. H014075
    Won a jury verdict in favor of an employer on its claims against a former employee for misappropriation of trade secrets and on the employee's claims against the employer for wrongful termination; on appeal, successfully defended against the employee's allegations that a non-competition and non-solicitation agreement that she signed was invalid under California law and that she was terminated from her employment in violation of public policy for refusing to sign the invalid agreement
  • Successfully defended corporation operating in semiconductor capital equipment space against claim of breach of intellectual property license agreement and copyright infringement. Obtained favorable settlement following settlement conference, resulting in corporation obtaining ownership of intellectual property at issue
  • Successfully prosecuted claim of misappropriation of customer list-related trade secret information against scrap metal recycling corporation’s former employees who used the information to set up a new scrap metal recycling venture to compete with corporation. Obtained favorable settlement following mediation
  • Successfully defended multi-national software manufacturer and its CEO against claims of misappropriation of trade secrets contained in Java source code and misappropriation of corporate opportunities. Obtained favorable settlement after aggressive technical discovery and motion practice
  • Obtained transfer of venue of high-tech patent dispute on behalf of corporation to district where plaintiff had also filed related breach of contract and trade secrets misappropriation case
  • Successfully defended European corporation in arbitration against claim of breach of intellectual property license agreement. Obtained favorable settlement after extensive discovery significantly undermined plaintiff’s claims
  • In several instances, successfully deterred non-practicing entities (“patent trolls”) from pursuing patent infringement claims against corporate clients
  • Defended and obtained successful resolution of copyright infringement claim and Lanham Act claims involving operating system and related software used in handheld devices
  • Successfully defended trade secret claims involving chipset logic designs

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