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Probate, Trust & Estate Litigation

Probate and trust litigation has lasting consequences for participants that go well beyond the assets at stake. The emotional component underlying such litigation can lead to devastation of the surviving family members. In this context, the loss of trust often can only be restored, if at all, by the appropriate application of the laws that are peculiar to the administration and division of estates by concerned and competent litigation attorneys.

Probate, Trust & Estate Litigation

The popularity of various forms of trusts as methods of estate planning has contributed to the increase in the number of cases reaching the courts today. Berliner Cohen’s litigation attorneys have the necessary experience and skill to handle complex probate and trust litigation. The Firm’s strong civil litigation background is put to good use with the support of its trust and probate attorneys.

When complex issues need to be resolved in court, our skilled litigation attorneys help assure our clients that their interests are well-represented. The group represents clients when disputes come up regarding the administration of trusts and estates, such as distribution of estate or trust assets, validity of gifts, trust validity, no-contest clauses, breach of trustee fiduciary duties, will and trust contests, statutory disqualification, characterization of property, apportionment of estate taxes, and other issues.

Our experienced probate and trust litigators work with, among others:

  • Private fiduciaries
  • Administrators
  • Executors
  • Trustees
  • Beneficiaries
  • Heirs
  • Guardians
  • Conservators
  • Will and trust contestants and respondents
  • Elder abuse claimants and defendants
  • Creditor claimants and respondents
  • Other interested parties involved in trust and estate disputes

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