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COVID 19 Timeline of Benefits

Week 1 - Week 2

Federal Paid Sick Leave for COVID

100% of Pay for Employee COVID or Closure
($511 p/day or $5110 total)

2/3 due to Child Care or Family Member

($200 per day or $2000)

Federal Sick Leave

Week 3 - Week 12

12 Weeks Total Available

2 WEEKS UNPAID (Starts at Week 1 of Federal)

10 WEEKS PAID AT 2/3 of Regular Rate Pay 
(Cap of $200 p/day or $10,000)

Applies to Employee’s own COVID 19 Illness, Family Member COVID 19 illness or Childcare due to School Closure

Any other FMLA event follows standard FMLA Rules

First two weeks unpaid – Employee can use vacation or PTO benefits or if eligible coordinate with Federal Sick Pay

Week 13

24 Hours of Paid Sick Leave

California Sick Pay

Week 14

Employees Use Paid Time Off, Vacation and Any Company Sick Leave Benefits

Employer Programs

No More Leave

Unemployment Benefits

State Benefit